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I Smoke Life (a poem by Debra Jackson)

The purpose of this poem is to give recognition to people who live a drug-free life, and inspire others to change.
Everyone matters.
Sincerely, Debra.


I know what it feels like to truly be high
Because I smoke life and I will tell you why.

It’s this sensation that is very hard to explain.
There are moments of pleasure, and moments of pain.

When I smoke life, I feel the ups and downs.
At times I may smile, other times I may frown.

It can make me feel weak, or make me feel strong.
Life, I am addicted, and I see nothing wrong.

When I smoke life, I control the outcome of my day
By things that I do, and by the things that I say.

Often I feel times of joy and happiness within.
This is the high feeling that I never want to end.

If I did not smoke life, I would not exist.
I can’t just say no, there is no way to resist.

It is surely a substance that no money can buy.
If you ask me, it is the only way to get high.

It is more powerful than crack, and much stronger than weed.
I smoke life, and that is all that I need.

I am always looking forward to living another day.
I smoke life because I can’t throw it away.

So, I must enjoy this smoke because I only get one.
I inhale, I exhale, then I am done.

I Smoke Life (poem by Debra Jackson) I Smoke Life (poem by Debra Jackson)

I Smoke Life (poem by Debra Jackson)

  • Mansaray Cynthia

    Awesome poem Debra. you are a very talented poet.

  • lynne smith

    I love that it is so true we only get one life so live it and enjoy it. For all of us that are not enjoying our life we need to start.And cuz you kept it up I am proud of you love always.